Alessia Arcuri

I am independent designer working in the fields of arts, culture and education. Since January 2021, I teach in the Department of Graphic Design at Kingston School of Art.

My research interests revolves around the poetics,politics and practices of labour within the field of design practice and the creative industries. (As many others) I am interested in reading the phenomena of precarious work through the lens of workerist and autonomist theories with the potential to devise alternatives modes of production, reproduction and cooperation. For this, I draw from contemporary readings of commoning in their relation to transfeminist and queer theories and practices.

Another strand of my research focuses on poetics and performance as tools to explore and activate language. This is mostly pursued through DRAMA, a workshop series developed with John Philip Sage.

Since 2018, I am part of Evening Class, a collective exploring forms of self- organised learning at their intersection with design practice and labour. With Evening Class, I took part and co-organise reading groups and workshops, as well as experiment with recursive and process-led forms of cooperative work and decision-making.

Recent Clients:
City, University London
Goldsmiths Press
Mozzilla Foundation
Natural History Museum
The British Museum
Tommy Hilfiger

Friends and Comrades:
John Philip Sage
Chris Lacy
Studio Bergini
Evening Class
Will Bindley
Céline Strolz
Francesca Flora
Lilly Marks
Chiara Gambuto

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